Friday, January 1, 2010

MITCH THROWER'S PROJECTACTIVE & being stuck in the mud in Gobi Desert China

Here's a quick note from a wonderful friend, Mitch Thrower.
Mitch is an 18xIronman, founder of Triathlete magazine and many other media entities.

My Photo
It gives an idea of simple initiatives, like Projectactive, that relate to sport & physical activity,
and have a great impact on the people around us.

There's also a fun pic of what it looks like to be stuck in desert quicksand,
then attempt to run barefoot with heavy sneakers in hand on the first day of a race
(your pack is still 16+lbs !).

When you're relaxed & having fun -- at the top of your game, thinking you'll easily come close to first place -- & everything is pulled out from under you ...
miraculous things may just happen...

The next day of the race, there was not a lot of hope.
I'd slept all night in a headstand, a complete headstand
rather than simply putting feet up the tent wall -- usually I do this at least once in a race.
How do you drain legs after they lose their mind in waist-deep sand, then run+walk for 6.5 hours instead of 4, while being sucked dry and cast into an armour of mud?

There was also no fear.  Body just unleashed -- bringing in a 3.30 time, one of my fastest marathons in a 6-day race in desert terrain+heat+carrying a pack. It was beautiful.

There's always a great moment.
CHECK out the post "ARE you a MultiStage racer or Enthusiast?" nxt page.
Moments before, I'd come upon fellow racer Ben sprawled across an oasis (2 trees that suddenly appear)
looking at the sky, considering quitting (many had - it was a severe heat wave warning in the Sahara)
and then we zoom along (just embue that into the photo) until the finish. The landscape - like the moon.
Chrissie Evans Race Photo.jpg

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Ultra Endurance Athlete Among Us

From Spring 08 Issue of Piers Magazine:
If one were judging solely on appearances, then the petite 8-year Sports Center member Chrissie Evans doesn’t seem the type to participate in grueling 150+ mile multi-stage races across some of the most unforgiving terrain and environmental conditions on earth. Yet, this soft-spoken articulate young woman with a slight build, delicate features and short blond hair has completed eight official multi-stage races, in regions including the Sahara and Gobi deserts, Corsica, the Rockies, Egypt and Australia.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

ADVENTURES in your armchair

  HomeBhet Agi ajivan

Check it out --- yes, a book.  Simple, adventure story.

Click on reviews to hear more like this: 
"...There are many stories within Bhet Agi and they just leave you wanting
more.” – Orion Mims, celebrity New York Trainer and Ironman athlete

Easy to order on the website & sit back, be taken on a ride !

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Raising Heartrates Calendar

This Calendar and donations available at .

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Training Aussie guys before they hit the Races

In Sydney I was lucky enough to train some guys from Ernst&Young. I also gave seminars at Sydney companies about MultiStage running. There are many fast-moving executives interested in the events but Australia's location makes it difficult to get real info and access to the global races. Here's Giles from E&Y who is venturing off to his first MDS race this year. We fixed his pack, so it no longer choked him with the weight!...sorted out some clothing, heat and food hopefully he and the guys will have great races and return with incredible stories..inspiring others to come along.

Australia..Talks on Multistage running

As you can imagine, Australia has diverse and spectacular landscapes, perfect for outdoor training in many sports, especially MultiStage running. As yet, only a dozen Aussies venture overseas to the various races. I was invited to speak at the Terrigal Trotters meeting on a few consecutive Saturdays after their longer training run. Even though Trotters is a 'fun' running club in a small beach town, it is managed by a committee of renowned Australian runners, has over 500 members, a detailed newsletter written by a former New York reporter and many members who have done over 100 runs. No wonder..Terrigal is surrounded by forests and pristine beaches including Terrigal's main beach which stretches for 6 miles. It also has crystal clear baby surf, which I love. Hopefully see more of the Trotters at the upcoming races at the end of the year.